Vicki Saunders

Founder of SheEO. Serial Entrepreneur. Award-winning Mentor.

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How To Think Like A SheEO With Vicki Saunders

Today, I am joined by award-winning mentor and advisor, entrepreneur, and founder of SheEo, Vicki Saunders. Vicki has incredible experience and insight on what it takes for women to “step into their power,” lead their businesses on their terms, and grow a successful, meaningful career as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur. In today’s episode, she shares some of her insight on leadership and entrepreneurship as well as the “art of disruption.”

Vicki routinely speaks at conferences and events around the world, including the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Women of Influence Series in Canada, and the TedX Conference among several others. She was selected as a “Global Leader of Tomorrow” by the World Economic Forum and has co-founded and run several ventures throughout Toronto, Silicon Valley, and Europe.

Vicki, thank you for joining me on the show today and sharing your valuable tips, suggestions, and insight.