Vicki Saunders

Founder of SheEO. Serial Entrepreneur. Award-winning Mentor.

The School for Humanity


A New Kind of Winners Mindset

As a selected Global Leader of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum, Founder of SheEO Vicki Saunders has spoken regularly at events around the world and shares more of her story with us on The School for Humanity.  

Having Co-founded and run 4 ventures in Europe, Toronto and Silicon Valley focused on sustainability in addition to a global consulting firm focused on engaging youth to tackle the grand challenges we are facing, Vicki invites us to reconsider the “Winner’s Mindset.”

In this episode we get to learn more about wealth in our US economy and the different definitions actually look like in business.  Some of these definitions include “success”, 
“control to trust” and “transactions to relationships.”

Ready to dive into this conversation about creating a culture of radical generosity?  Let’s get started!