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Think Like a SheEO is an enthusiastic call to women to create their own businesses that reflect their passions, strengths and values, and to do so on their own terms. With the world facing enormous challenges author and entrepreneur Vicki Saunders argues that there are also enormous opportunities, making this a prime time for women to build new models, new mindsets and new solutions for a better world.

Saunders shows readers how to leverage their talents, strengths, and genuine interests to create businesses that make them happy and successful. It’s not about leaning in to a system that no longer serves women, but rather creating a new model that redefines success on their own terms.

“This is a must-read book full of wisdom. It has opened my mind and changed the way I view the world. The book is packed with insights that will stay with you forever. SheEO is not only for women. It’s for anyone interested in succeeding in the age of creators, markers and entrepreneurs. It’s a book for anyone who believes the first SheEO principle: everything is broken – what a great time to be alive. #IamASheEO”

— Tom H

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“Like all big ideas, Think like a SheEO will challenge your assumptions, flip your thinking, and equip you with a fundamentally new perspective. Think like a SheEO is a must-read for any entrepreneur – female or male, aspiring or seasoned.”

— Michael Murchison

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