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I have spoken widely at Fortune500 companies, global institutions (UN, World Economic Forum, OECD), Academic Institutions (I love talking with students), Investor gatherings, Employee Resource Groups, Non-profits, Chambers of Commerce, and Governments around the world.


I love having conversations rather than keynotes; engaging in dialogue vs broadcasting a monologue is the format of our times. It’s more relevant and i find it more relational. I’m not her to sell books. I’m not here for your entertainment, I’m her for impact, inspiration and hope in a time of deep transformation. 


If you and your community would like to have a frank, up-to-date, unplugged conversation about the times we are in, the pathway to building a new regenerative capital model and replicating it in 5 countries, the need of financial imagination, decolonizing ourselves, transformational leadership, 

culture-building, community building, and bravery in a cancel culture moment, all of these topics are on the table and more.

Contact me to create something that works for your community!

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A few talks I’ve given recently...


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